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WIP - Michelle Vinson Shimeji by YamaxChrome8096
WIP - Michelle Vinson Shimeji
I've decided to start making shimejis and all and I figured I had to start somewhere. I decided to use Mike as a practice shimeji first cuz I found her really cute with her hair grown out and all x3 If I end up succeeding, I'll put it up for others to download. Though, if azure doesn't approve of me doing so then oh well owo it is her character after all.

Michelle Vinson belongs to :iconazurextwilight-rllz:
I... Did something wrong..
I did something I shouldn't have...
I hurt her...
I hurt her in the worst way possible...
And yet...
She doesn't even know...
That I was the cause of her suffering...
That I was the reason she's still in pain after all these years...
I don't deserve her...
But I won't lose her...
I won't let go no matter what..
… I'm selfish that way..


It was a sunny day on the field and Mirage had just finished harvesting all the barley. He noticed a certain girl who was just sitting in front of the small hut, deep in thought. He put down the tool in his hand and picked up a rock.

“Hey, Yui!”, he shouted, throwing the rock towards her.

Yui looked up to look to him to find a rock hitting her on her forehead, making her fall to the ground.

“What was that for Mirage?!”, Yui shouted, tears forming out of he corners of her eyes as she glared at him.
“Stop slacking off and help me out here!”, the other shouted, walking over to her.

Yui just looked away and sat there silently. Mirage blinked and sat down next to her.

“Hey...”, Mirage called out. “Are you okay?”
Yui stared at the ground in silence before looking to him with determined eyes. “I'm going back to save my kingdom.”

Mirage's eyes widened as his body started shaking at the thought. This was the thing that he had feared the most, and now it's slowly unfolding in front of his very own eyes. “You can't go!”, he shouted.

Yui was surprised by his shouting. He had never shouted at her like this before. This was the only time Mirage acted this way. Nevertheless, she stood her ground.

“And why not!?”, she shouted back. “You trained me yourself, didn't you!? You know what I'm capable of! It's been ten years! I'm not a kid anymore Mirage!”
Shaking his head, Mirage grabbed onto her arm. “As talented as you are now, you still aren't strong enough to face Xavier!”

Yui was confused by his words and pushed his hand off her arm, taking a step behind her.

“I never... told you Xavier's name..”, she muttered.

Realizing what he had said, Mirage tried to evade the subject.

“I- It's doesn't matter! You can't go!”, he said.
Yui glared as her eyes turned green. “I'm going whether you want me to or not!”
“The moment you leave, you won't ever see me, or this field again!”, he said, glaring back.

Yui's eyes turned back to normal as tears started to flow out of them. She bit her bottom lip and stood there crying.

“Then..”, she trailed off. “I guess this is goodbye...”

After saying those words, she forced a small smile before running away crying, leaving him dumbfounded. She had learned to love him over the years, but to Yui, regaining her kingdom and to return it to the happy place it once was was her top priority.

Mirage just watched Yui's figure slowly disappear into the distance. He clenched his fist, tears streaming down his cheeks. He too had fallen in love with the other over the years. He took her in, fed her, took care of her and trained her to use the powers she had now. Shouting, he punched a tree and it was slowly engulfed in black flames, leaving not a single trace of ash. For the ten years they've been together, he had wanted nothing more than to be with her forever. He knew this day would come somehow, but he didn't expect it to be this soon. He couldn't even stop her from going back. All hell would let loose if she did. He breathed heavily, slowly calming himself down. As soon as he cleared his mind, he followed after Yui.



As soon as Mirage had entered the castle, the first thing Mirage heard was Yui's painful screams. He ran to where he heard her voice to find Yui on the ground, bleeding and beaten up, just like how her parents were years ago. Xavier, who used to be the royal family's (specifically Yui's), personal butler was now the current king of the kingdom where every resident was his slave. Xavier chuckled darkly as he stabbed Yui, purposely avoiding her vital organs, causing her to scream in pain. Xavier then laughed maniacally as he licked her blood off his sword.

“It's been years since I've last heard your wonderful screams princess.~ You've grown up to be quite a fine woman.”, he said as he held her chin, smirking and licking her cheek, causing Yui to shiver. “Where have you been hiding all that time? To think that the princess would just come running back after abandoning her kingdom.”

Xavier then laughed as he lifted her up by her face and threw her back to the ground harshly. Yui breathed heavily and coughed out blood.

“I-... I........ di...... din't....... aban...... do-”
“Shut the hell up.”

Xavier then stabbed Yui once more at the same place as earlier and kicked her hard, making her fly and hit the wall. A smirk came to Xavier's lips as he slowly approached her.


Xavier froze in place as his eyes widened. Both him and Yui looked to the owner of the voice which was so familiar to the both of them.

“M- Mirage...”, You muttered, crying and trying to sit up but falling back down due to the pain rushing all over her body.

Mirage ran over to Yui and held her in his arms.

“I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...”, he apologized, moving her hair away from the side of her face. “I'm going to get you home okay?”

Yui gave a soft smile and slowly nodded. Xavier was watching the scene before him in disgust.

“What the hell is the meaning of this stupid act, Milord?”, Xavier asked, glaring disappointingly at Mirage.
“Milord...?”, Yui repeated after coughing.
Mirage glared at Xavier. “That's enough. Leave the kingdom and go home. Now.”

Xavier just stood there silently. He just couldn't comprehend what he had just heard. A smirk then formed on his lips then came out a laugh.

“Don't tell me... You've fallen for the one whom you have ordered me to annihilate?”, Xavier said as he laughed mockingly.

Hearing this, Yui mustered what little strength she had to sit up and push Mirage away. Due to her actions, Mirage turned to her in surprise.

“What...”, Yui trailed off, tears flowing down her face once more. “What is the meaning of all this...?” She then looked to Mirage with confusion and distrust in her eyes. “What does he mean?! What is the meaning of all this Mirage?! Tell me!”

Mirage fell silent. Xavier's smirked widened as he watched the scene in front of him.

“You haven't told the poor girl, have you, my lord?”, Xavier asked playfully.

These words struck Mirage hard and he glared at Xavier and growled.

“Don't you dare!”, he shouted.
“No!!”, Yui shouted, turning their attention to her. “Tell me everything!! I need to know!!”
“Then I'll tell you in a summary~”, Xavier said with a chuckle. “The reason why I worked under you, the reason why I killed your parents, the reason why your precious kingdom was burned to ashes... was all under the order of your dear Mirage just so we can be supplied for food and be one step closer to having the be the only king of the only kingdom left in existence.”

Yui's eyes widened as she cried even more. Mirage clenched his fist, grinding his teeth. The truth was finally out.

“All this time...”, Yui sobbed. “You lied to me..? All this time.. YOU were the reason why I had to lose the most important people to me as well as everyone in the village..?!”
Mirage crawled closer to her. “Yui...”
“Stay away from me!!!”, Yui shouted “Mom.. Dad.. Orfeo.. Everyone... You ordered Xavier to kill us...? All for your own selfish desires..!? I trusted you...! I trusted you Mirage!!! I thought... I thought you were the only one I could trust... But all this time, you were the reason why I lost everything back then!!! Did you plan to kill me when you saw me collapse back then?! Huh?!”

Mirage stood there silent, not moving an inch.

“Answer me Mirage!!!”, Yui shouted.
“I did.”, Mirage answered firmly. “The moment you stumbled over to the fields that day, I planned to kill you on the spot.”

Yui just couldn't believed what she just heard. Mirage was the only one she trusted after losing her loved ones and her kingdom. She fell in love with the man who was the reason why she lost them. Something Yui had never expected to find out in her life. Mirage pulled Yui into a tight hug. Yui struggled as much as she could and tried to get out from his grasp but he wouldn't let go.

“But even so..”, he continued. “That changed ever since I lived with you.. Ever since you personally entered my life.. All those days together... All the times we worked on the fields.. when we went grocery shopping together.. when we cooked together.. cleaned together... Every single day we were together... Those were the best days of my life..!”

Yui froze in place and just kept crying, not knowing what to think or do.

“After all these years...”, Mirage trailed off. “.. I learned to love you Yui...”

After saying those words, he looked to her with soft eyes and cupped her cheek and pulled her into a kiss. Yui's eyes widened and was even more dumbfounded as to what to do. Everything was too much for her. Before pulling away from the kiss, Mirage hit Yui hard on the back of her head enough to make her fall unconscious. Xavier blinked and raised an eyebrow as Mirage held Yui in his arms and hugged her tightly.

“I don't deserve her...”, Mirage muttered as he touched her forehead, removing her memories of the recent events.
“SHE doesn't deserve YOU, Milord.”, Xavier corrected. “Humans are food. You of all Gordiverens should know so.”

Mirage just sat there and glared at Xavier with red eyes.

“Go home Xavier. Leave this kingdom alone. That's an order.”

Xavier just shrugged and sighed as he tossed his crown to the ground and jumped out of the window. Mirage then sighed sadly and held Yui tighter. He wanted to be with her forever. And to make that desire true, he replaced her memories to that of her regaining her kingdom back.

“I'm sorry Yui...”


I'm such a horrible person, aren't I..?
Then again... I'm a Gordiveren. Not a person..
Someone like me...

She deserves better...
But, instead I was selfish and kept her for myself.
Knowing the truth... Yui would never forgive me...
I'm such a fool...
If only...
If only I was erased from existence...
Stolen Dreams
Just another one shot. Mehehe. Yeah.. Out of all my characters, Yui has the worst past ever. I'm actually happy whenever I get to torture Yui and anyone else related to her though. lol.
Yeah, I'm a flirt.
I know that all too well...
I know I show too much affection...
That doesn't give anyone the right to judge me...
It doesn't mean they have to treat me like I have no feelings...
Why must I be treated this way..?


Dark and cramped..

Bruises and cuts covering the poor child's body...

Cries and sniffles echoing within the tight space..

“Mama.. Papa..”, the child sobbed. “Let me out...! Please...!”

The child tried pushing the door, crying for help, but to no avail. He started hyperventilating, slowly losing oxygen. He continued banging on the door, trying to open it. He had been beaten up and thrown into a steel safe. All he did was cook breakfast for his parents but they just threw the plate of food at his face, shouting about how he wasted precious time and ingredients without so much as tating his creation. He was then grabbed by the hair and dragged up the stairs to his room, beating him brutally and leaving him in the state he is now.

“Let me out... Please..”, he cried. “I won't do it again...! I'm sorry...!”

The sound of a car engine starting was faintly heard by the boy. Panicking, he tried to kick the safe door open frantically.

“Mama..!! Papa..!!”, he cried, putting as much force as he could onto the door.

The child suddenly felt the safe move forward slowly and suddenly found himself having his head, arms and bottom hitting all over the walls of the safe as if tumbling down a hill. The safe door suddenly opened from the impact of falling to the ground, leaving the injured child to fall out of the safe and lie on the floor, shaking in pain. He found that he had just fallen from the stairs. His body ached more than ever as he made his way to the front door.

The moment he went outside, he found his mom putting her luggage into the trunk of the car.

“Wh- Where are you going mama..?!”, the child cried, running up to his mom and hugging her leg “Bring me with you...! Don't leave me alone...! Please...!”
“Let go of me, you brat!”, his mother shouted, kicking him off till he fell to the ground. “Stay where you are Kient!”
“B- But mama..!”

Kient cried more, shaking as he watched the only two people he had get into the car.

“Don't leave me!!!” Kient shouted.
“We don't need a worthless son like you!”, his father then said.

As soon as the man said those words, the man drove off, leaving Kient alone and on his own.

“MAMA!!! PAPA!!!”

Kient screamed and cried as the six year old child stood up and tried to run after the car, enduring the pain he felt all over. He kept running after them till he tripped and fell face flat onto the cement.

He looked up and watched as the car slowly faded from his sights. His vision then started to blur as more tears welled up in his eyes. The tears fell to the ground as he cried and wailed.

“Mama!!! Papa!!!”, Kient cried, struggling to breathe properly. “I thought you loved me..... Why.....?!”

He kept crying and shouting, not knowing how to continue on...

He just cried to his heart's content.

He was left alone at the age of six, abandoned by his parents, just for the reason of showing his love for them..

What now..?


“Ew! You disgusting perv!”


Kient rubbed his cheek as he watched the girl run away from him. He watched sadly and sighed to himself.

“I only offered to treat her to lunch after hugging her...”, Kient mumbled to himself.
“Yo Kient!”, someone shouted from behind.

Kient erased the look on his face and replaced it with a smile as he faced the one who called out to him.

“Sai!!~”, he cooed lovingly as he hugged her tightly and rubbed his cheek against hers.
“Hands off!', Sai shouted, glaring as she punched the other in the face and pushed him away in the process.

Kient just laughed and shrugged it off.

Inside however...

He couldn't stand the dejection he was receiving.

Be it stranger or friend it will always be the same.

He will always be rejected.

He will always be alone.

He will always find his affection to be nothing but a bother.


It's just so unfair you know..?
I'm not doing anything wrong...
Is showing others that I care about them so bad...?
Do I have to stop caring so they won't judge me this way...?
It's just unfair...
So unfair...
Missing Love
A one shot for Kient. Might be continued. Might.
Regret by YamaxChrome8096
So, I decided to get out of my comfort zone yet again. This time I decided trying out a background which isn't just a room and isn't a single color. This is actually a hallway in the castle they live in and the lighter shade is where a party is. lol. I'm actually proud of how a crying Yui seemed like a memory though, I've been struggling to make it seem that way for days. So, yeah. Still kinda depressing but.. meh.
... by YamaxChrome8096
Just.. something I drew and all yesterday.. I'd digialy draw it but.. people would kill me if they saw me drawing this. And, that's Sai, Yeah.. problems. I just put the mature content filter since it's about suicide and cutting and all..? I dunno, I just figured it needed it.. as for her eye it uh.. her dad stabbed it out and all. meh. ill be.. posting positive stuff in later days i guess.
Kon kon~ I'm finally coming back after a while. I decide to ditch studies lately, lol. *shot* But, yeah, I'll be drawing more often and doing something. I'll be a bit more unsociable than before though. Stuff happened. xD But yeah, hi :3

ALSO, please go over and watch my friend :iconvno-namev: for me x3 She's really amazing and needs quite a bit of attention. She only recently returned to dA :D

anyway, that's all for now~


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