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Random 16 year old who does random and crazy stuff, don't mind

Commissions and requests CLOSED till I finally settle in

I am available for commissions:…

DO NOT thank me if I give you a watch, Llama, or favorite. I clean up my watcher's list every Saturday so you seriously have no reason to thank me if you have the chance of getting unwatched. If I didn't unwatch you, then I guess you're lucky or I put you on my list.

Commissions Currently Working on:

raymix1000 - Finished (4/8) - Knee Up Coloured (8)


sweetiebelle22 - Colouring
vampsaiyain - Colouring

arkeis-pokemon - Colouring
nemesislivezx - Colouring


*too lazy to look at names*

2nd - Colouring
1st - 1/46


Art trade - kokorohane - Sketching

Triple OC Meme - Not Started yet

I am also open for requests, please read through the rules before requesting though:…
So, now that I have stable internet, I can now go on my laptop to do this xD

Tagged by: :iconkokorohane:

1- What's your current wallpaper. Describe it, or better : show us !

1970790 587383758005763 1693061633 N by YamaxChrome8096 - This is the one on my laptop, the cosplay of my hubby Nathan from PIL <3 w <3 I dunno who the cosplayer is but trust me, He looks a lot like Nathan here x3  Too bad they discontinued PIL.. OTL

Screenshot 2015-07-28-08-15-41 by YamaxChrome8096 - And this is literally my phone screen :3 Also my hubby, Tsuna xD But here, THERE ARE TWO TUNAS-- *SHOT'D* S- sorry.. Dx Tsunas! x3 One in HDWM and one... in Dame-Tsuna mode xD

2- What's your own favorite OC and why?

.... You're kidding me right? Dx YOU'RE KIDDING, RIGHT?!

.... To be honest I can't decide because I love a certain few of them for different reasons and I can never choose any one of them Dx

My most favorite are Natalie, Saidah, Lourne, Felix, Alex, Sylvan, Calyx, Mirage, Yui, Yuki, Mia, Ryuu, Ryuutarou, Miyashi, Yuki, Nigel, Daiki, Emma, Ethan, Yuko, Aria, Amber, Clyde, Jayneth, Xyza, Alphie, Essi, Xavier, Xander, Orfeo, Clifford, Yiri, Mimi, Chichi, Cade, Felicity, Rein, Zayne, Keith, Zack, Lizzy, yet another Natalie, Lilia, Cayden and a lot of other OCs! Dx I only mentioned the main ones! You expect me to choose from all that?! DX



You know what? I'll just choose Yui Dx Why? She's my first ever OC and she has been in every single fanfiction of mine. She started out as a Bleach OC as the daughter of Ichigo and Rukia where Rukia and Ichigo forget ever meeting and having a child as they have their memories erased and Yui grows up without ever knowing Rukia or any information about her mother since Ichigo couldn't explain to her himself. This was the only finished fanfiction of mine but I never once released it. I still have it in my files though. Yui didn't have any other background other than that. Afterwards, when I got a addicted to KHR, I wrote my fanfiction "The Rain And The Lunar Princess" and that's when I first created her backstory. She eventually just ends up being in all of my fanfictions. So, I guess that's why I like her, since she's a crazy little easter egg to everything I do. xD She also stays five years old and yet she has over 50 children. And, she doesn't plan to stop. At all xD I guess out of all my characters, despite her simple and most likely common appearance, she's the most unique out of all my characters for me :3 And thus she was chosen.

Yui Silva (official) by YamaxChrome8096

(I was going to put her latest sketch up on here but then I decided to just surprise you guys with the improvement or whatever xD)

3- What's the most viewed / faved deviation in your gallery?

The most faved is the one above (Yui) with 32 favs .w.

The most viewed is my cosplay of Lin Chunxiang with 534 views

Lin Chunxiang Cosplay by YamaxChrome8096

4- In your humble opinion what's your most underrated deviation, the one that deserves more exposition?

I don't really know but uh... I guess this sketch of Nigel and Yuki?

Fake Marriage Photo by YamaxChrome8096

First of all, dresses and roses are hard. Especially a whole bouquet of them. I'm not even good at side faces, but Nigel here turned out really good compared to the usual way my side faces look like. Other than that, I don't usually sketch with a pen, and for something that I lazily did, this ended up better than pretty much everything I've drawn. So, I guess I just want this to get a bit more of attention out there Dx

5- What's your current main project ?

.. I've been keeping it a secret for four years, if I say it just because of this question, it wouldn't be a surprise and a secret anymore. Dx

6- What's the last deviation you put in your fav and why did you fav it? 

[COMMISSION] Feliciano Ainsworth by Penguinlovex27 This adorbs picture of Felix I commissioned from :iconpenguinlovex27: x3 It's just so adorable, I'm so tempted to commission every single one of my main OCs if only I didn't know how busy she is ;w;



Whoever feels like doing this I guess xD and to whoever sees it >:3


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Just earning points to buy adoptables and comishes:3

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